Want an alternative take on the news?  In this series, Yaron applies an Objectivist perspective to today’s headlines. In today’s episode: We are approaching the 75th Anniversary of the publication of The Fountainhead, whose protagonist is the individualist, innovative architect, Howard Roark. Yaron, fresh from over a dozen interviews on Rand’s novel, begins with a discussion of contemporary American architecture and American Aesthetics more generally. He challenges listeners to surround themselves with beautiful art, furniture, etc., to make their lives better and more enjoyable. Also discussed: Blockchain technology–will the ultimate value it contributes to human life be as the basis for a currency? Or something else? What would Yaron recommend that the UK and its allies do into response to Russia’s recent attack on Britsh soil? (More than the “wrist slap” given today by Theresa May!) Finally, should Trump’s appointment of Larry Kudlow as chief economic advisor make us more hopeful?

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