Want an alternative take on the news?  In this series, Yaron applies an Objectivist perspective to today’s headlines. First up, a survey which asked college students to weigh the value of free speech against the value of “diversity and inclusivness,” whether “hate speech” should be legally protected, and more. Yaron then briefly defends the value of the top newspapers, The Washington Post and The New York Times, even though they are biased.

Next, Yaron analyzes results of a study examining the extent to which true news gets propagated on Twitter vs. rumors or fabrications. Spoiler: “fake news” gets retweeted more & propagates more deeply on Twittter than true news. And this is so, even though people who tweet true news usually have more followers! Why? What does it mean?

Not conspiracy: Putin has been murdering expatriates on foreign soil without any significant repercussions. Will Trump will do anything about the most recent attack in the UK, particularly given that Trump has shown support for Putin, and has just fired Tillerson, who’d started to stand up to Putin?

Finally, Trump stops the takeover of Qualcomm by Broadcom. Was this justified in light of national security risk?

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