Want an alternative take on the news?  In this series, Yaron applies an Objectivist perspective to today’s headlines.

Today, after a quick update on his talks at high schools and colleges in London (see some of his talks on YouTube), Yaron begins by analyzing Trump’s tweets on trade. Is Trump right that we “lose billions” on trade? Trump says that trade wars, in which countries engage in reciprocal tariff hikes, are good. Are they? If so, for whom? Trump is concerned with losing jobs in the steel and aluminum industries, but what about the jobs that will be lost in other industries due to the new tariffs? What about the consumers who will have to pay higher prices? How is stealing from U.S. citizens a “fair” or “smart” response to other countries stealing from their citizens? Maybe the fairest and smartest thing would be for all of us to be subsistence farmers?

Other stories: Georgia withdraws favorable tax treatment from Delta based on Delta’s political views; Trump flexes his “Central-Planner-in-Chief” muscles as some in his Administration try to prevent the Broadcom-Qualcomm merger; Putin saber-rattles about his renewed nuclear arsenal.

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