Want an alternative take on the news?  In this series, Yaron takes today’s headlines and applies an Objectivist perspective to the happenings around the world. In this episode:

White supremacist Richard Spencer comes out against Jordan B. Peterson for not being racist.

Having failed to orchestrate an Obamacare repeal, the Trump Administration comes out with a promising administrative tweak to it.

Unfortunately, the Trump Administration is also reportedly making plans to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia (not The Onion!).

The Oxfam sexual abuse scandal, and why it’s not the main reason you shouldn’t donate to Oxfam.

The latest disappointing news about Brexit shows the UK is not taking the opportunity Brexit provides to deregulate.

Elizabeth Warren is lecturing Native Americans about Pocahontas, giving Yaron an opportunity to discuss the plight of actual Native Americans today.

And finally, the Chinese government is cracking down on–the use of strippers at funerals!

Yaron also updates listeners on his travel, lecturing and show schedule. Lots of great talks in the UK coming up this week!

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